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New Curriculum!
We are excited about our new curriculum, Creation Kids!  Underwritten through Florida Hospital, with the North American Division (NAD), and their team of early childhood professionals.  It's all about creating a life of balance.  Many of us are just plain exhausted, and don't know how to get off the fast-paced road we are on.  

If we can teach young children principles of maintaining a healthy balance in their lives, we can help them to grow up to be happier, and healthier adults, who are able to balance the stresses that will surely come, and maintain wellness of mind, body and soul.  Living life to the fullest!  That's Creation Kids Health!!  


Each week, all of our classes may take walking trips to the area parks around our school.  We will spend lots of time outdoors.  The Parks we walk to are: Brown, located directly behind Little Lamb, Rose, which is to the west side of our campus, and Buhr, which is across the street from our school. 

Please make sure your child is at Little Lamb by 9:00 am daily or call us to let us know if your child will be arriving late.  This helps us in planning our staffing, and also ensures that you will be able leave your child with us.  For safety reasons, once a group leaves on a field trip or walking trip, children cannot join the group until they return to campus.  Please call and let us know if your child will be absent on their scheduled day. Thank you!
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